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Konark Enterprises is a multinational organization established in 2016. It is a leading name in precision industrial bolting and portable machining solutions with strategic presence in India through technological leadership of customer support initiatives.

  • Sales and Service of Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Hospital & industrial Solar Systems.
  • Contracts for on-site bolting and machining
  • Manufacturing of fully finished machined components for assembly solutions, bolting tools & accessories.
  • Solar EPC solutions.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
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12 Years

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Produce Your Own Clean Save our
the Environment

Tier One Products

We provide Tier One products that provides you the best experience, durability, quality...

Optimum Design

We provide products that are optimal to your needs in respect to its design, method...

Prompt Services

We have a field proven uptime of 98% plus for all our products, for which equipped with spares...

Safety first

On field job are done with all safety as per standard (using gloves, helmets, goggles, safety belts)...


We're Creating a Long-Term Future

Konark Enterprises, a solar firm founded on the notion of employing clean energy for the good of humanity, devotes its knowledge, talent, and, most importantly, its enthusiasm to it. We adopt a unique client-oriented approach that puts our customers first in order to provide the finest experience from our products. Before we suggest solutions, we consider your opinions, priorities, and needs. We mix knowledge and execution to achieve a great outcome that provides consistent returns on investment.

Energy 90%
Climate change 80%
Water 70%

Today's Resource for a brighter tomorrow !

This ensures quality, timeliness, and that everyone is working toward the same goal.


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Main Reasons Why Choose Solar

0* Electricity Bills

Solar can lead to net-zero electricity bills, that means you pay only for basic charges for your electricity


Solar are three to five times more cheaper than regular Grid Electricity

Low Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint of solar power are many times lower than coal or natural gas

Fixed Cost

Solar panels can provide fixed cost for electricity for almost 20 years.

Depreciation Benefits

Solar panels can provide solar asset owner with almost 40% of depreciation benefits

Low Maintenance Cost

Solar has almost negligible maintenance cost associated with its repairs and servicing

Solar Plants

Types of Solar Plants

On Grid

Solar Systems are essentially installed in Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings where regular power supply from State providers is available. This system can be upgraded to a hybrid system with battery backup.
  • Lower equipment costs as compared to Off-Grid Solar.
  • Reduce the burden of high tariff electricity bills, year on year tariff increase (avg. 5%)

Off Grid

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  • Most suitable for remote installations where power is not available or unreliable with frequent power cuts.
  • Customers can size the battery bank as per needs

Our Services

What Do We Offer

Engineering, Procurement
& Construction (EPC)

  • Engineering design Consultancy
  • Equipment supply
  • Civil planning
  • Construction
  • Erection
  • Commissioning
  • Training, Management Handover

& Re-Development

  • Refurbishing services to improve monitoring and maintenance.
  • Optimization services to achieve desired performance levels.
  • Replacement services of existing material, design, engineering and auxiliary services with new ones to increase overall life span of the solar plant.

Operation & Maintenance
(O&M) Services

  • SCADA Photovoltaic Remote
    Monitoring Systems
    Real Time Data, Performance, Alerts, Web/Cellular Monitoring, Minimum Downtime
  • Preventive and Corrective
    Inspection, Testing, Cleaning Repairs, Replacements
  • Infrastructure and Training