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Varun Birmal

Project Manager


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More than 40 years ago, our company’s namesake, LineThemes, pioneered a revolutionary sales training program for businesses of every size.

Today, our proven sales training program has made us a leader in sales and management training, with hundreds of training centers throughout North America and across the globe.


Konark Enterprises

is a multinational organization established in 2016. It is a leading name in precision industrial bolting and portable machining solutions with strategic presence in India through technological leadership of customer support initiatives.
We provide one of people's most fundamental requirements — power – through our efforts. Our solar street lighting, water pumping systems, solar irrigation systems, and solar panels improve people's lives while lowering the area's carbon impact. In other words, we are proud of our solar energy efforts, and climate change and carbon reduction are two of our top priorities. In fact, we've commissioned drinking water delivery projects in regions where no one had considered it. We hope to inspire people to change their attitudes on energy in the future.

We specialize in :

  • Sales and Service of Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Hospital & industrial Solar Systems.
  • Contracts for on-site bolting and machining
  • Manufacturing of fully finished machined components for assembly solutions, bolting tools & accessories.
  • Solar EPC solutions.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.


We're Creating a Long-Term Future

Konark Enterprises, a solar firm founded on the notion of employing clean energy for the good of humanity, devotes its knowledge, talent, and, most importantly, its enthusiasm to it. We adopt a unique client-oriented approach that puts our customers first in order to provide the finest experience from our products. Before we suggest solutions, we consider your opinions, priorities, and needs. We mix knowledge and execution to achieve a great outcome that provides consistent returns on investment.

Energy 90%
Climate change 80%
Water 70%

Today's Resource for a brighter tomorrow !

This ensures quality, timeliness, and that everyone is working toward the same goal.

Our Mission

Produce Your Own Clean Save
our the Environment


Tier One Products & Optimum Designs

Use of Tier one products and Design expertise ensures the most efficient performance output so that the payback (ROI – Return on Investment) period is minimum.

Prompt On site Services & Strong Back office support

We have a field proven uptime of 98% plus for all our products, for which equipped with spares and customized software for customer care.
Well-equipped worker in protective orange clothing walking and examining solar panels on a photovoltaic rooftop plant. Concept of maintenance and installation of solar stations

Safety first

On field job are done with all safety as per standard (using gloves, helmets, goggles, safety belts) Also, safety equipment and notifications provided on the site compulsory